Case Studies

On_Jamie_Lloyd_and_West_End_ticket_prices.pdf On Jamie Lloyd and West End ticket prices(101KB approx)

Author: Isabella Anderson
Are West End prices too high? Thoughts on Jamie Lloyd’s recent attack on ‘corrupt’ West End ticket pricing.
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The_second_city_on_tier_pricing.pdf The Second City on tier pricing(103KB approx)

Author: Philippe Ravanas, Joe Bogdan
Case Study on how Philippe Ravanas’ observations challenged The Second City’s basic presuppositions about their audiences and business.
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a1080, Case Study, Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, communication, comedy, first come first serve, How to ask simple questions, interview, Joe Bogdan, Kelly Leonard, Philippe Ravanas, price, prices, pricing, questions, Second City, survey, The Second City, The Second City on tier pricing, ticket, ticket prices, tier pricing

A_Dynamic_Incease_in_Revenue_at_The_MAC_Belfast_Case_Study.pdf Case Study: A Dynamic Increase in Revenue at The MAC, Belfast(327KB approx)

Author: Roger Tomlinson
A case study on The MAC, Belfast, exploring its successful implementation of dynamic pricing.

For definitions of UK English terms used in this article see Glossary

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Forecasting_Model_for_Stratford_Festival.pdf Case Study: A Forecasting Model for Stratford Festival(196KB approx)

Author: Jenny Scudamore
Having long been pioneers in dynamic pricing, the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada knew that it was vital to always be able to answer the question “are we selling better or worse than we expected?”

The result was a highly accurate custom forecasting model as outlined in this case study published by The Pricing Institute in September 2014.

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A1077, Baker Richards, Case Study, comparators, crystal ball, custom tool, Dynamic Pricing, Forecasting Model, income, Jenny Scudamore, price, revenue management, Stratford Festival, The Pricing Institute, ticket sales, Trudy Watson

The_Santa_Fe_Opera_Case_Study.pdf Case Study: The Santa Fe Opera(54KB approx)

Author: Steven Roth and Jenifer Thomas
Case Study on The Santa Fe Opera’s successful implementation of dynamic pricing during the Summer of 2011. The new approach was supported by a dedicated pricing team and the Revenue Management Application.

Case Study updated for strategies and results from the 2012 season.

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a1041, case study, data, dynamic pricing, Jenifer Thomas, outdoor festival, revenue management application, RMA, single ticket, Steven Roth, subscription, The Pricing Institute, The Santa Fe Opera, variable pricing

Variable_and_Dynamic_Pricing_at_Goodman_Theatre's_A_Christmas_Carol Variable and Dynamic Pricing at Goodman Theatre's A Christmas Carol(0KB approx)

Author: Lori Kleinerman
How can you make your reliably well-selling shows work harder for you? Goodman Theatre in Chicago is applying a variety of variable- and demand-based pricing techniques to increase revenue from its annual production of A Christmas Carol. Working with The Pricing Institute, Goodman Theatre used their sales data to tell them how best to refine their pricing strategy, with the hope that their new demand-based pricing strategy will yield a 5-8% increase in revenue.

Lori Kleinerman, Marketing and PR Director at Goodman Theatre, shares the history and research behind their future pricing strategy in this video from Culturelab’s 2011 Emerging Practice Seminar.

Read more about Culturelab and the presentations from its Emerging Practice Seminar, 2011.

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a1053, case study, Culturelab, Lori Kleinerman, pricing strategy, revenue management and dynamic pricing, theatre, theater, The Pricing Institute, Variable and dynamic pricing at Goodman Theatre’s A Christmas Carol

Harmonizing_Price_and_Demand_at_Pitlochry_Festival_Theatre.pdf Harmonizing Price and Demand at Pitlochry Festival Theatre(79KB approx)

Author: David Reece
After their smash-hit musical Whisky Galore in 2009, Scotland’s Pitlochry Festival Theatre was faced with the challenge of capitalizing on this success for their 2010 musical, without undermining the value of the other five shows of the season. Implementing further price differentiation and finding the right price thresholds meant that demand spread more evenly across the shows, yielding increases in sales and revenue.

For definitions of UK English terms see Glossary.

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a1045, auditorium, case study, ,customer, customers, David Reece, demand, differential pricing, musical, musicals, perceived value, PFT, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, premium, price, prices, pricing strategy, revenue, seat, seats, theater, threshold, value

Center_Theatre_Group_-_Beyond_Revenue_Management.pdf Center Theatre Group: Beyond Revenue Management(257KB approx)

Author: Steven Roth
Case Study on LA’s Center Theatre Group that highlights some ways in which revenue management integrates into their marketing and development strategies. Includes an example of using price zones to manage donor rules and benefits.

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a1040, arts marketing, auditorium, Center Theatre Group, CTG, development strategy, discount management, Jim Royce, Mark Taper Forum, price band, rescaling, rezoning, Revenue Management, seat, seats, seating, scale, scaling, Steven Roth, social media, subscriber upgrades, subscription, theater, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, The Pricing Institute, zone, zoning

Sign_Up_for_Box_Office_Success.pdf Sign Up For Box Office Success(65KB approx)

Author: Debbie Richards
Subscription or season tickets are used by major US institutions to sell theater tickets in bulk. Debbie Richards explains the benefits of this approach and how ticket bundles have boosted revenue at a UK venue, Octagon Theatre, Bolton.

Article first published in The Stage, 24th March 2011. For definitions of UK English terms see Glossary.

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a1037, Baker Richards, Boston, benefits, bundle, bundles, case study, Concertgebouw, customer loyalty, Danny Newman Subscribe Now!, Debbie Richards, discount, discounting, Huntington Theatre Company, friend, friends, Lyric Stage Company, Octagon Bolton, Philadelphia Orchestra, Pricing Strategy, premium, pick and choose, Royal Exchange, Royal Lyceum, season ticket, season tickets, Sign up for box office success, subscribers, subscriptions, subscription scheme, schemes, theatre, theater, ticket exchange, yield,

Chicago_Symphony_Orchestra_on_Dynamic_Pricing.pdf The Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Dynamic Pricing(294KB approx)

Author: Philippe Ravanas
When Deborah Card joined the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as President in 2003 she had to reverse a long cycle of decreasing sales and mounting deficits by radically changing all the Orchestra’s business practices. The key to her success: a fine-tuned combination of innovative programming, customer service and dynamic pricing.

Case Study from an article by Philippe Ravanas in the International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 10, No. 2, Winter 2008.

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A1036, case study, Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Dynamic Pricing, consumer segments, customer service, deficit, demand, discount, discounts, Philippe Ravanas, price, price barrier, price elasticity, price increase, price increases, price-insensitive, price scale price-sensitive, prices, pricing strategy, programming, sales, seat, seats, subscriber, subscribers, ticket price, ticket prices, value

What_Price_Is_Right_For_Looking_Glass.pdf What Price is Right for Lookingglass?(186KB approx)

Author: Philippe Ravanas & Paula Colletti
Case study of Paula Colletti’s work for Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre, offering an account of the quantitative research behind her recommendation to move to a tiered pricing structure. A detailed example of the use of the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter.

Adapted from an article by Ravanas and Colletti (Arts Entertainment and Media Management Department of Columbia College Chicago) first published in the International Journal of Arts Management, Volume 12, Number 3, Spring 2010.

Download What_Price_Is_Right_For_Looking_Glass.pdf
a1018, analysis, case study, Chicago, demand, economic downturn, International Journal of Arts Management, Lookingglass, optimal pricing structure, Paula Colletti, Philippe Ravanas, price elasticity, pricing strategy, research, seat, seats, seating model, scaling, theater, theatre, ticket prices, tiered pricing structure, value, Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

Radical_Revenue.pdf Radical Revenue(735KB approx)

Author: Bruce Coppock
Bruce Coppock’s account of the development of a sustainable business model for The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. The model focus is on the benefits of a 'patron-development business' following the recognition that audience donations were a more profitable and reliable source of revenue.

This article, published in the January-February 2008 edition of The League of American Orchestra’s magazine, Symphony, reflects the discussion of 'A Radical New Revenue Model for Orchestras' at the League’s National Conference in 2007.

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a1010, audience, Bruce Coppack, business strategy, business-analysis tool, case study, community, donors, earned-income ratio, fund, funds, funding, investment, League’s National Conference, League’s Orchestra Statistical Reports, net revenue, orchestra revenues, patron-development business, Paul Boulian, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, revenue, revenue model, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, subscribers, subscription, sustainability, ticket-revenue percent,

Package_Deals.pdf Package Deals(53KB approx)

Author: Tim Baker
Tim Baker weighs the merits and pitfalls of subscriptions and looks at how best to use them to attract customers. He outlines key considerations and looks at how the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in the UK overhauled their subscription in order to give it wider appeal.

Article first published in Arts Professional, January 2002, UK. For definitions of UK English terms see Glossary.

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a1008, arts marketing, Arts Professional, benefits, case study, CBSO, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, concert, concerts, customer loyalty, customer relationship, Danny Newman, deal, deals, friend, friends, loyal, loyalty, package, packages, pricing strategy, priority, retention, sales promotion, Sarah Gee, season ticket, Simon Rattle, Subscribe Now, subscribe, subscriber, subscribers, subscriptions, subscription scheme, schemes, tactic, tactics, Tim Baker, ticket sales, tickets, UK, United Kingdom

Welsh_National_Opera_-_Pricing_Down_for_Revenue_Growth.pdf Welsh National Opera Pricing Down for Revenue Growth(121KB approx)

Author: Peter Bellingham, summarized by Baker Richards
Case study on how a UK opera company reduced prices in order to increase sales and income. Welsh National Opera (WNO) needed to increase frequency among customers as well as recapture lapsed bookers, and found price to be a barrier to attendance.

The text is based on a presentation given by Peter Bellingham, Executive Director of WNO, at conference, June 2000. For definitions of UK English terms see Glossary.

Download Welsh_National_Opera_-_Pricing_Down_for_Revenue_Growth.pdf
a1015, attendance, average ticket price, average ticket yield, case study, Decision Modelling Consultancy demand elasticity, frequency, opera, Peter Bellingham, pricing down, Pricing Research Manual, pricing strategy, price threshold, retention, revenue growth, summarised, Welsh National Opera, WNO

Royal_National_Theatre_10_Travelex_Season.pdf Case Study: Royal National Theatre £10 Travelex Season(62KB approx)

Author: Nick Starr, summarized by Baker Richards
The National Theatre in London (UK) have a sponsored penetration-pricing strategy, attracting new audiences and increasing audience risk-taking on new work.

This text is taken from a speech made by Nick Starr, Executive Director of the National Theatre, at the Audiences Europe Conference in April 2004. For definitions of UK English terms see Glossary.

Download Royal_National_Theatre_10_Travelex_Season.pdf
a1012, artistic strategy, case study, Cottesloe Theatre, London, low price, new audience, Nick Starr, Olivier Theatre, Olivier theatre, penetration pricing, pricing strategy, revenue, Royal National Theatre, Royal National Theater, sales promotion, season sponsor, ticket sales, summarised, ticket, tickets, Travelex, £10 season, UK, United Kingdom, young, youth

Lowering_Prices_for_Bay_Chamber_Performing_Arts_Series.pdf Lowering Prices For Bay Chamber Performing Arts Series(39KB approx)

Author: The Pricing Institute
Case study on The Pricing Institute’s work for Bay Chamber Concerts (Maine, USA) in 2007-8. Prices had risen and audience numbers declined. Changes included introducing more low-priced tickets and altering subscription discounts, resulting in a paid attendance increase of 17%.

Download Lowering_Prices_for_Bay_Chamber_Performing_Arts_Series.pdf
a1001, average price, Bay Chamber, Bay Chamber Performing Arts Series, case study, concert, concerts, customer loyalty, discount, discounts, Explore Pass, friend, friends, Knox County, loyal, loyalty, Maine, season ticket, season tickets, subscription, subscriber, subscribers, subscriptions, subscription scheme, subscription schemes, package, packages, Pricing Institute, pricing strategy, The Lyric Stage Company, The Pricing Institute, ticket price, ticket price, ticket sales, uptake, US, USA, United States, yield, youth

Dynamic_Pricing_at_The_Place.pdf Dynamic Pricing at The Place(99KB approx)

Author: Tim Wood, summarized by Baker Richards
Case study on how London contemporary dance center, The Place employed time-of-sale based pricing to suit the demands both of customers who wished for cheaper tickets, and those who were happy to pay more for convenience.

From an article by Tim Wood (Press and Marketing Manager) in the Journal of Arts Marketing, Issue 7 (Arts Marketing Association, 2002, UK). Note that in UK English, 'concessions' are discounts to seniors, students etc. For further definitions of UK English terms see the Glossary.

Download Dynamic_Pricing_at_The_Place.pdf
a1005, airline pricing, Baker Richards, case study, dynamic pricing, concession, concessions, contemporary dance, discount, discounts, London, potential revenue, price band, price differential, revenue, revenue management, senior citizen, seniors, single price, student, students, summarised, The Place, Tim Wood, time of sale, United Kingdom, UK, yield management, young people, youth,
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